LABCAM Savona chamber of commerce commodity chemical laboratory

The Savona Chamber of Commerce Commodity Chemical Laboratory was established in 1995 within an area recognised for its traditional agricultural and food production activities in order to meet the demand for highly objective public certification of products.
The Commodity Chemical Laboratory, through chemical, microbiological and sensorial analyses, carries out institutional tasks and services for companies and the private sector, providing assistance to improve the quality of products and production processes.




Thanks to the use of highly specialised personnel in addition to ultramodern instruments and equipment all analytical and research requirements can be met in the following sectors:Agricultural and food, Industrial, Environment, Agronomic
Centro di saggio

Residue testing centre

The only centre in Liguria that complies with the Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (BPL) recognised by the Ministry of Health for studies on behaviour in water, soil and air; bioaccumulation; studies on residues

Sensorial analysis

For the Commodity Chemical Laboratory this sector is an instrument of excellence. An objective measurement method for commodity evaluations of food in general based on sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.


One of the strengths of the Commodity Chemical Laboratory, this service combines effective training with expert skills, rapidity and cost-effectiveness and all focused on current topics of interest.



The Laboratory carries out studies and research projects with a main focus on the industrial sector, and the agricultural and food industry in particular, through collaboration and synergies with prestigious universities as well as national and international agencies. The Laboratory is registered with the MIUR national research board.
Altre Applicazioni

Other excellence applications

The lab offers an all-around range of services and excellence applications in several fields and some of them are offered through the collaboration with partners qualified by LABCAM.


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